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How and Why This $30M ARR SaaS Bought Out Its Investors

Episode Summary

In this episode of the SaaS Revolution Show our host Alex Theuma is joined by Frederico Hohagen, Co-founder & CEO at Maplink, who shares why and how this $30M ARR SaaS bought out its investors. "Every contract is made for failure, not success. When you're signing a contract, it's because you have to work on everything that can go wrong, not go right. Because if everything's going right, why would you be signing?" Fred shares: ⚡️Maplink’s pivotal growth moment ⚡️Their journey from 14 years as an independent bootstrapped company to raising VC ⚡️3 years with $15 million from Movile - the benefits and downsides ⚡️The importance of two-way due diligence between your company and investors ⚡️From Brazil to Mexico, Chile, Argentina and more: how international expansion moved the needle for Maplink ⚡️Living life at your own pace and valuing the things that are truly important and more!